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Exotic Cruises
Exploring the extraordinary, locations where few have traveled

Your Exotic Adventure Cruise explores polar regions of myth-making landscapes on expeditions to Antarctica. Sail across glittering seas, passing icebergs of every shape and size.
Follow in the paths of Darwin or Cook as you explore Galapagos or the mysteries of the Easter Islands. Then return to your luxurious cruise ship and at the end of the day come away with a better understanding of the diversity of this planet.

Itineraries offered in exotic and adventure cruise category are too diverse to do them justice on a single web page. Offers change continuously. For you individual customized adventure cruise experience talk to an expert at CHT Cruises and Tours. 1-877-325-7522

Your Adventure Cruises!
Nov 1/2010 - 17 nights "In the Wake of the Bounty Cruise"
Itinerary: Easter Island, Dulcie Island, Henderson Island, Pitcairn Island, Mangareva Island(French Polynesia), Marutea Sud, Pakarua Atoll, Raroia(Tuamotus), Fakarava, Ahe, Rangiroa Atoll, Mataiva, Papeete.
This South Pacific voyage is truly a string of island pearls. We'll put our Zodiac boats to work so you can plant your personal flag on Dulcie Island and Henderson Island­ — both uninhabited — with rare birds and endemic flora; snorkel among pristine coral atolls; and explore remote beaches. You'll visit Pitcairn Island, where mutinous Fletcher Christian landed HMS Bounty and Raroia, Tuamotus, final destination for Thor Heyerdahl and Kon Tiki.
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